Hello and welcome to SoundSerene, my little place on the web. I'm Alan St.John and I've played guitar in various styles for most of my adult life.  In doing so I have discovered the joy and beauty of music and this website is dedicated to sharing that joy and beauty with whoever may drop by.

My career began with rock bands in the 1960's, progressed through the sounds of the Beatles to contemporary folk music, both English and American.  I was a professional  musician in the 1970's with a folk duo called 'The Bards' and I'm pleased to say that once again I am a pro musician. Recently I teamed up with writer and performer, Steve Morris. Known as 'Donkey Stone', we're a unique experience in entertainment.

It was for a milestone birthday that my wife presented me with a wonderful electro/acoustic guitar. That's when things started to happen with my writing and within a few weeks I'd composed my first original melody, 'Esperanza', something completely different from my usual material. I soon noticed that when I played the piece, people would comment on how relaxing the music was and that the melody stayed with them for days afterwards. I was also told by a Hypnotherapist that it had amazing therapeutic value. For me, this was a new beginning.

My composing skills have moved from strength to strength and since Esperanza, written in 2004, a veritable cornucopia of musical pieces have 'arrived'.  I say arrived because I don't know where they come from, I just feel priviledged that they choose to make their way into the world via my guitar.

Enjoy the website, please listen to the samples of my music and feel free to contact me should you have queries or if I can help in any way.