My CD, Esperanza, is made up of five compositions. It's been designed to present my music  in a simple, straightforward fashion that enables the listener to access different 'moods'. Each piece will inspire a variety of thoughts and mind images as the music surrounds, enfolds and relaxes.

Esperanza costs £10.00 and postage and packing are free.

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Here's a brief description of each track...

Esperanza - Hope
The title track is an evocative and relaxing piece of music.
A melody to stay with you for days.

Torrosada - Energy
A piece of music that will energise and inspire.

Summer Breeze
A haunting melody that will transport you to beautiful sunlit places.

Confianza - Faith
A piece to help you to believe in yourself and help develop your self worth.

La Novia - New Beginnings
A melody to fill you with joy and excitment as you set off on your new life path.


And here are two shorts samples. Click 'Download File' to listen.

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